Thursday, 2 April 2015

Term 1 Reflction

During term 1 our class had good times, bad times, and ugly times.

Me and some other students went to the Tamaki cluster cricket tournament. Mr Nath took 16 people to tournament, at lunch times we would go to the field and play. Mr Nath would coach us on what we need to work on. Our team lost one game out of the 5 games we played we won 4 our school came first in the tournament. For winning the people who were coaching the tournament gave us and our school some prizes.

We also had our very last Life Education session, we were learning how drugs and alcohol affect puberty. We also learnt about the 5 body systems that digest drugs and alcohol. The Five Human Body Systems-Important Facts and Activities-Circulatory, Digestive, Muscular, Respiratory, and Skeletal Systems. We will discuss the five human body systems in the most delightful way.

And also we had our very last swimming lessons with Mrs Tofa at the swimming pools we had to do some freestyle and breaststroke and backstroke and we had some people get into four lines and the first four had to swim to the other end of the pool and the other four people had to wait till we get to the other side of the pool and then they had to swim to the other side to and the people who came from out of the pool had to get back into our lines again and then we played
relays which four people had to race down and come back and touch their partners hand and they have to race and then there was no more swimming and then everyone had to get out of the pool and line up against the fence and me and siosifa and manuae had to show our swimming skills and i went first and i had to swim all the way to the other side of the pool and my teacher said look how fast he swims and then sifa was next and his skills was breathing he was breathing right and the had to swim to the end of the pool and my teacher said manuae next and her skills was her arms she swam well and my teacher said see if we had that ability together we might have a swimming team right here.

And also we had water fun day water fun day is when people have house colours and the colours were red which was rata and blue is nikau and green is kauri and yellow is kohwai and each colour and class had to go walk down to the court with their hands behind their back and no talking and go down to the court into two line and when we get down to the court we had to get into our house colour groups and each colour had a two groups like rata 1 and rata 2  same with the other teams and everyone had each activity there was the obstacle,walk the plank,three legged race,zig zag sponge,sponge race,sponge under and over, and finally the cup hold slide
race and each colour had and activity and every time when the bell rings then we have to rotate to a different activity until you reached the last activity and the bell will ring and then we had to come back to the court in two line and sit down and wait till see who the winner would be the game was all about having fun and try your best to put many many water into the house colour bins and then my teacher looked at the score and she announce the winner and she said the last team was nikau and second to last was kowhai and first was RATA AND KAURI.       

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