Friday, 17 October 2014

My Holiday


The holidays are two weeks of break from work and school,between term three and four in october. Holidays is good for you to rest and spend time with your family and friends. Family is very important.


During the holidays i went to tamaki college field to play rugby with Moli,Nganga,Mangila,Brandon,Alex, and five other friends. Me and my other cousin were captains we had to paper, scissors, rock.  Who ever wins you get to pick first so first I picked moli then my cousin pick my other friend and i picked moli’s brother then it goes on and on. Then we had to paper scissors rock again so he won so he decided to kick off so then I blew the whistle then the game started so I caught the ball and passed it to moli then he ran as fast as he can and got a try then the whistle blew “tooooot” TRy!! so they had to kick again then it keeps going and going until the game is over and when the game is over the team with the most points WINS!! the game. And during the holidays I went to my cousin’s birthday we had my cousin’s birthday at ten pin bowling there were heaps of machine games and bowling and laser tag. After we played some machine games we went to play laser tag with my cousin’s and family laser tag is like you go into this dark building and there’s like walls and cubes to hide and many other things so this is how you play this game you wear this light suit and you have a laser gun and run around in the dark and if you see someone shine your laser on their vest and if their vest blinks then they died and come back to life to the next round it’s simple to play and fun then we went bowling when you play bowling you have to hold this heavy ball it’s got three holes in the ball and you have to stick your three fingers in the bowling ball and you have to knock down 10 pins to get a strike and if you play on machine games theres like tickets in them and if like yo shooting ducks you have to kills as many as you can and if you

kills about thirty you get tickets and if you get 5 you can get some bands or if you get 15 you get a toy if you get 20 you get a remote control car and if you thirty the highest you get a Xbox 360
and that's what i did in the holidays.

I went to tamaki college field and took my long pants off and played in my rugby shorts  I took off my shorts because we wanted to play rugby because i couldn't run in long pants because it will give me less speed to run so they kicked off and I caught the ball and ran ran and I  got tackled and off loaded to moli and he ran and pass it to Alex and Alex gotta try a then after we played at the park to play tiggie I was running and climb and pass all of the obstacles  then ran and ran but lucky I never got caught and that's the end.

I enjoyed my holiday my favourite part was playing with my friends.