Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kiwi Can

Today Room 10 sat down in 2 single lines and outside of kiwi can and we had to sit down and inform a circle and talk about reliability. Reliability means when someone can trust you doing the right thing and and others counting on you to be there or doing something done and after that.

 We had to do our energiser our energiser was body beat in body beat you have 4 groups of people and someone will come around and say your number like say 1234 then 1234 until the last person and then if your number 1 you go to that corner if your number 2 you go to that corner if your number 3 you go to that corner if your number 4 you go to that corner then you have to come with a beat like someone claps and you make and other beat then you keep carry on until the person at the end has the last beat then you have to performer the beat to the hole class and then have to wait till the other group finish.

 Then we had to go into our activity and Mr Numia will pick the numbers again and then have to go outside and do 4 square and there were two groups and played hand ball this hand ball was just one hit and next person turn like one hit and run back to the back of the line and then we walked back to kiwi can room and sat down in a circle and then talked about what we did today then did our kiwi can fraze then stand up and went back to class.

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