Friday, 13 March 2015

Maths Problem solving

Today I did maths with my class. We did some problem solving like about litres,oranges,values it was fun.

Brandon and I tried to work out the litres it was hard. It took about half an hour to figure it out  but then I finally figured it out when Mrs Tofa was marking and the answer was 13 litres and little bit more.

My favourite problem was you have $20 for petrol and each litre costs $1.50. How many litres can you get? We all answered 13 then Mrs Tofa challenged us to figure out how many millilitres we can buy with just 50 cents. We knew it is not 500 millilitres because that is half of a litre and half of $1.50 is 75 cents. We figured it would be around 400 millilitres.

I had fun doing Maths and I got a Caught being respectful card for it too.