Friday, 26 June 2015


Today at room 8 room we learnt how stuff dissolves and stuff turn into gas and Miss Ravi showed us what happens when she tips baking soda into lemon juice and then it fizzed up and gas was coming out it was like a mini volcano but then it stopped then we had to sit at the tables into our house groups only one writer had to write a little recount about what happen when Miss Ravi  tipped the baking soda into the lemon juice and give that person some information and details.
Then we had to go back down to the mat into our house colour groups lines and then had to do a competition each house group had to have one paper and write about Liquid,Solid,Gas 1 runner from each group had to run outside the corridor and read the paper about Liquid,Solid,Gas the runner was me and I  had to remember the paragraphs and had to run back to my  group and tell them then the writer had to  write it down on the piece of paper and if your group comes first then you get 100 point for you house colour group  and the second group gets 50 then the third group get 15 then last group gets 10
and then who ever writes it down on the paper first wins and then rata came first and we got extra 100 points. And then the bell rang and we had to go for morning tea.


Friday, 19 June 2015


Today at Technology I went to cooking tech at cooking tech you get to cook stuff you never taste before seen before and cook before and you get to cook all sort of things it's fun and at tech.

 Today Me and the whole year 8's was cooking Dutch apple pie It was simple all you have to do is he gave us caster sugar in a measuring cup and we had to put it in a bowl and stir it around until its white and then she told us to add an egg in one by one me and Lennyx took turns at stirring and  then  we went and showed Miss Tuipolotu she said to oil up the tray so that nothing sticks to it and that it is easier to wash.Then we showed Mrs Tuipolotu and she said to slice the apple and place them nicely on the caster sugar in 3 single line and then show it to her and then she will put cinnamon salt on it then you have to put 200 time on the oven and wait for it until it's hot then put your cake in and put 15 mins on the timer and wait for it until it's cooked don't go walking around because it might get brunted and then take it out when it's gold or brown then slice it into whatever it depends on how much people you go in your group casually it's 2 people in one group but some people have 3 in a group and then eat it for 10 mins then clean up for an other 10 mins.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kiwi Can

Today Room 10 sat down in 2 single lines and outside of kiwi can and we had to sit down and inform a circle and talk about reliability. Reliability means when someone can trust you doing the right thing and and others counting on you to be there or doing something done and after that.

 We had to do our energiser our energiser was body beat in body beat you have 4 groups of people and someone will come around and say your number like say 1234 then 1234 until the last person and then if your number 1 you go to that corner if your number 2 you go to that corner if your number 3 you go to that corner if your number 4 you go to that corner then you have to come with a beat like someone claps and you make and other beat then you keep carry on until the person at the end has the last beat then you have to performer the beat to the hole class and then have to wait till the other group finish.

 Then we had to go into our activity and Mr Numia will pick the numbers again and then have to go outside and do 4 square and there were two groups and played hand ball this hand ball was just one hit and next person turn like one hit and run back to the back of the line and then we walked back to kiwi can room and sat down in a circle and then talked about what we did today then did our kiwi can fraze then stand up and went back to class.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Queen's Birthday

On queen's birthday the sun was shinning so bright that it woke me up
and my mum said i had to get up to have a shower and get ready because my family was coming over to celebrate the queen's birthday and were having a BBQ. After my shower i had to put on nice clothes

and clean up the house. Then cook the food and wait for them to come.  My aunty rang and said were going to bring some food to..Then i went at the back of my house and help my brother do the BBQ. and as soon as we finished  my whole family was here and we went and sat down in the kitchen and pray and bless the food to eat then after that me and my cousin’s  went outside to have some ice cream and some BBQ then kinda got bored of eating then played with my dog.  At night my dad was drinking and then my brother decided to do the fireworks we had last year and then my family came outside and said out loud together happy birthday Queen Elizabeth.  

WW1 and WW2

North land area

Maori Traditions

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Reflection

Today I learnt that we had to work out how many people was a fraction represented the bottom number was the re presenter for the fraction and the question was so we worked out that how many people walked buses,biked 90 people walked 60 buses 18 biked and I add all of them up and it was 168 but the last question was how many people travelled by car and the number total number was 180 but then it took us a very long time but i had and idea i counted the left overs until it went to 180 and the answer was 12 and then miss said how did you worked it out and i said the number was 168 for people who walked,bus and bike and then I counted the left over for the cars and my answer was right then we add up 12 and we got it right then Miss Pearce said you can take away if you 180-12=168 and 168+12=180 and the total number was 180