Thursday, 2 April 2015

MADD Workshop

Wednesday 1st of April
Madd Diary

You have talent

today room 10 and 9 went down to the MADD program at the hall and today we had to get into groups and do a talent that were good at and today my group did video game 2K15 WWE wrestling game and the equation was a boy named Ilalio bought a new game called 2K15 and called his friends over to play and one of them cheated and there were not supposed to and he did and they played another match and they never cheated and the point was to grapple and punching pretend and try to win the game by pinning them by holding them on the floor and the referee and it was fun and other people did some acting like play ukulele,playing games and touch and after that he was talking about what we were doing in the play. Last of all he told us to come back to the middle and he was going to draw Wonder woman and it was cool because it looked like wonder woman and it was cool.

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