Monday, 19 March 2012

king of tonga dies

Kia Ora Everyone have you ever heard about the news that came up on the radio or the tv?

It was so sad that the King of Tonga got sick so he had to go to Hong Kong to have his appointment there.

So he went. He was so sick that i made him pass away.

We wish that Tonga ges a new king to rule their country. It was so sad.


Plessius family said...

Kia ora Baden,
Have you been following the news about the King's death? I heard on the radio that his younger brother will be the new king, King Tupou VI (the 6th). He will get to choose a Christian, or first, name himself.
Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

Nikita said...

Hi Baden i like your story about the king of Tonga
By Nikita

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