Thursday, 10 April 2014

zoo trip

On Friday the 4th, of April 2014 me and my school,teachers, and parents came to the zoo and the teacher put us into groups of three with the instructors, and the instructor's names are Laura,John and Richard. The first activity was going to see the keas in their enclosure. The keas had long sharp beaks,long sharp claws,and green and grey feathers.
Next Laura took us to the rain forest to see the native birds and native plants and trees.I saw a kereru and kakariki bird flying above me.I also saw the nikau tree and the mamaku tree.
Richard took us to see the kiwis in their enclosure. Before that we saw the big massive eels in the tank. Richard informed us that female eels will swim all the way to Tonga to lay their eggs and they leave it to hatch then they swim back. When the babies hatch they find they way back to their parents.
Finally it was time to explore the rest of the zoo with my group. I saw a tarantula,seal and hippopotami.I felt exhausted at the end of the day,but enjoyed seeing all the different animals.