Friday, 28 June 2013

Study ladder

HI ! This screenshot was taken from study ladder where you learn about maths. It's fun to play on study ladder because  you can make your own avatar and you can play some multiplication or subtraction and addiction games. You can also play spelling bee, spelling test,  addition battle and subtraction battle. I like learning it's so much  fun so I can get a good education and remember stay in school.

Friday, 21 June 2013

My Digital Footprint

This is my digital footprint with my favourite things and I am a big fan of Reggae Music.

netball day

On Tuesday 14th may 2013 we went to line up outside then we walked down to the court to play netball. We had a coach. Her name was Gina. She had dark brown hair, black mini shorts, light blue t-shirt, fluro pink trainers and a friendly smile. She encouraged us to learn skills to handle the ball and pass it correctly. All of us  played this very fun game in teams and our teacher kept the score. I got four goals for my team. I felt very proud of myself and everyone said “nice one Baden, you have got awesome skills.’ I can’t wait for next week to come around again. Netball rocks!!!