Thursday, 2 April 2015

Kiwi Can

Every Thursday my class room 10 lines up out of our class room and just walk up to room 11 to go kiwi can and kiwi can is a supportive encouragement program thats help people with the behavior and how to respect others and how to be a friend and learn new things and how to cheer up someone and how not to be left out and when respect like walk in the classroom quietly and sit into a circle and have four people to stand up and do GKQ. GKQ stands for general knowledge questions so four people stand up and Mr Numia which is the Kiwi can instructor and Miss Tuia and Mr numia read the equation and says like what man discovered new zealand first and you have to buzz you have to turn around touch the ground and be like a chicken and say buzz then he will point at you and say what is the man who discovered new zealand first and then you’ll have to say the answer but if you don’t say it in 10 seconds then the person who buzzes then they have to say the answer and you miss your turn and the answer was captain cook and we have like this catchphrases and we had a point board which is when each class gets points for Respect,encouragement,Participate,Manners,and each class gets points and the class with the most points get a prize at the end of the term and the week after we went to kiwi can and saw the points and the points were big so then we said we can do this and then we tried hard to be good and we did but accept one team fought over the equation and then we did our points the limit point was 5 so Mr Numia said to my teacher so mrs Tofa were they respectful and she said no give them a 1 and then we all said ohhhhh and then she said nah jokes give them a 5 and then we had 21 and a half then we had more points which was the last day and then we had 130 and everyone cheered and saying WE WON!! and then they said that your teacher will decide what surprise we would had and then we would just have fruit and milk and then we said ohhhhhhhh then Mrs Tofa said Mrs Elia said we are a healthy school but then when we went to Kiwi can the next week we went inside the room and then we thought where's Mrs Tofa and the other three boys and we were wondering then about five minutes they walked in the room and we saw pizza,chicken and chips and some juice box and then we said YESSSS! and then we sat there and then Mr Numia said boys and girls go wash your hands first and then they came back and walked to the table and got a napkin and got 2 or 3 or 1 chicken and some chips and two three or one pizza and 1 juice box and sat down then it was the boys turn and we did the same as the girls and we walked and had some food and sat down and eat and then we all enjoyed our food and then said thank you Mrs Tofa and Mr Numia and Miss Tuia.            

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