Friday, 26 June 2015


Today at room 8 room we learnt how stuff dissolves and stuff turn into gas and Miss Ravi showed us what happens when she tips baking soda into lemon juice and then it fizzed up and gas was coming out it was like a mini volcano but then it stopped then we had to sit at the tables into our house groups only one writer had to write a little recount about what happen when Miss Ravi  tipped the baking soda into the lemon juice and give that person some information and details.
Then we had to go back down to the mat into our house colour groups lines and then had to do a competition each house group had to have one paper and write about Liquid,Solid,Gas 1 runner from each group had to run outside the corridor and read the paper about Liquid,Solid,Gas the runner was me and I  had to remember the paragraphs and had to run back to my  group and tell them then the writer had to  write it down on the piece of paper and if your group comes first then you get 100 point for you house colour group  and the second group gets 50 then the third group get 15 then last group gets 10
and then who ever writes it down on the paper first wins and then rata came first and we got extra 100 points. And then the bell rang and we had to go for morning tea.



jane said...
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jane said...

I really enjoyed reading your piece of writing Baden. Great experience. I can tell that it was a fun activity, but may next time you can try adding full stops and punctuation's. Last but not least you can proof read your writing with someone before posting. Keep up the great work Baden. :)

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