Friday, 19 June 2015


Today at Technology I went to cooking tech at cooking tech you get to cook stuff you never taste before seen before and cook before and you get to cook all sort of things it's fun and at tech.

 Today Me and the whole year 8's was cooking Dutch apple pie It was simple all you have to do is he gave us caster sugar in a measuring cup and we had to put it in a bowl and stir it around until its white and then she told us to add an egg in one by one me and Lennyx took turns at stirring and  then  we went and showed Miss Tuipolotu she said to oil up the tray so that nothing sticks to it and that it is easier to wash.Then we showed Mrs Tuipolotu and she said to slice the apple and place them nicely on the caster sugar in 3 single line and then show it to her and then she will put cinnamon salt on it then you have to put 200 time on the oven and wait for it until it's hot then put your cake in and put 15 mins on the timer and wait for it until it's cooked don't go walking around because it might get brunted and then take it out when it's gold or brown then slice it into whatever it depends on how much people you go in your group casually it's 2 people in one group but some people have 3 in a group and then eat it for 10 mins then clean up for an other 10 mins.

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