Thursday, 4 June 2015

Maths Reflection

Today I learnt that we had to work out how many people was a fraction represented the bottom number was the re presenter for the fraction and the question was so we worked out that how many people walked buses,biked 90 people walked 60 buses 18 biked and I add all of them up and it was 168 but the last question was how many people travelled by car and the number total number was 180 but then it took us a very long time but i had and idea i counted the left overs until it went to 180 and the answer was 12 and then miss said how did you worked it out and i said the number was 168 for people who walked,bus and bike and then I counted the left over for the cars and my answer was right then we add up 12 and we got it right then Miss Pearce said you can take away if you 180-12=168 and 168+12=180 and the total number was 180  

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