Friday, 5 June 2015

Queen's Birthday

On queen's birthday the sun was shinning so bright that it woke me up
and my mum said i had to get up to have a shower and get ready because my family was coming over to celebrate the queen's birthday and were having a BBQ. After my shower i had to put on nice clothes

and clean up the house. Then cook the food and wait for them to come.  My aunty rang and said were going to bring some food to..Then i went at the back of my house and help my brother do the BBQ. and as soon as we finished  my whole family was here and we went and sat down in the kitchen and pray and bless the food to eat then after that me and my cousin’s  went outside to have some ice cream and some BBQ then kinda got bored of eating then played with my dog.  At night my dad was drinking and then my brother decided to do the fireworks we had last year and then my family came outside and said out loud together happy birthday Queen Elizabeth.  

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